Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


12 oz Aidell's Sausage: Roasted Garlic and Gruyere Cheese
6 oz Annie's Shells & Aged Cheddar: Macaroni & Cheese
Olive oil
Half Stick of Butter
1/4 Cup of Whole Milk

How's He Do It?

Get all materials together.

Gently slice tiny cuts into the sausage. 
This will allow it to cook better.

Add six cups of water to a medium sauce pan.
(I'm pretty sure he read the instructions on the box.)
Bring it to a boil.

Pour the macaroni mix into a bowl.
Cut up a half a stick of butter. (He likes butter.)
Add this to the bowl.
Let sit so as to melt into the mix.

Pour olive oil  into skillet.
Set to Medium-High

Add sausage to skillet .
Make sure to move it around on its side.
This will allow for a thorough cooking.

Add pasta. Bring to boil.
(I'm no fan of condensation.)

After six minutes, grab Sausage.
Slice the sausage into bite-able chunks.

Drain the Pasta in colander.
Add to bowl.
Add the Sausage and Mix.
Looks delicious.

Add the the mix of melted Butter and Cheese.
Add 1/4 cup of Milk He chose Whole Milk.

Mix it well.
He spent at least five minutes to mix this.

My Verdict:

After warming it up, I found that this simple dish added so much complexity. In all truthfulness, I was disappointed at first to see how simple this dish was to make. I felt cheated that he wasn't creating another multi awe-inspiring dish. But was I wrong! I revel how simple this dish was, yet it's flavor was so complex that it makes me think that there is overall genius to this creation. "Feast" does not seem appropriate (He wrote it on the tupperware), but I see why it fits. This is a combination of sharp and aged. The chewiness of this dish makes you linger on the taste. First, the sharpness of the Aged Cheddar fills the mouth, but it is the aftertaste, the result of the gruyere cheese and its aged smokey taste that causes me desiring for more. This dish speaks of a metaphor of "not judging a book by its cover." Boy, did I learn.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Orleans

-One Medium Onion (Diced)
-2 Cups of Rice
-Refried Beans
- About 1 1/2 lb. Thin Chicken Breasts (Diced)
-Bag of Tortilla Chips (He chose Tostitos)
-Old Bay Seasoning
-Chili Pepper powder
-Hot Sauce (He likes Frank's)
-Beer (Brooklyn Brewery Lager was used)
-2 Turns of Olive oil
-Pepperjack Cheese (Shredded) (2 Cups)
-Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded (2 Cups) 
-Provolone Cheese (Shredded) (2 Cups)

How'd He Do It?

Dice up Onion. Move to the side.
Pre-heat Oven to 400

Take out the chicken and lightly season with Old Bay. 
Make sure to get both sides.

Pour two cups of Rice into a pot. Add four cups of water.
He used a rice cooker. Bring to boil and put on low. 
Simmer for 15. 
Place the can of refried beans into a pot and  set it to low.

Time to open the Beer. Today he chose Brooklyn Brewery Lager.

Dice up the chicken into eatable bites. Wash Hands!

Add more Old Bay (Probably 2 tablespoons) 
Mix into the chicken.

Grease cookie sheet. Create a layer of tortillas chips.

Spread Pepperjack over the chips. Add about half the onions.

Drink Break.

Add Olive Oil to a skillet. 
Add onions and set stove to Medium High.

Add Chicken to the skillet. 
Cook for 6 minutes or till semi white. 
Add a little Beer from the one in your hand into the skillet.
Looking delicous!

 Add the cooked rice to the batch and cover.
Add more Old Bay Seasoning, Frank's Hot Sauce, and Salt.
Cook for another six minutes or till Chicken is white.

Add the Refried Beans to the top of the first layer.

Next add the chicken and rice.

Add Mozzarella. Layer with chips.

Add Pepperjack. Layer with Chips.

Finally add the Provolone cheese. 
Take a much needed break.

Place pan into Oven.

Don't forget to add Frank's Hot Sauce to the top layer.
Too much Frank's could be an issue.

When the cheese melts, remove from Oven. Let cool.

Safety First! 


Maybe  you should have let it cooled off first.
Hot stuff, huh?

 My Verdict:
After warming it up, I found that the first bite was sorta bland, but was I wrong. The addition of the pepperjack offered an aftertaste of low heat. The kind of heat that makes just enough kick to want you coming back! Occasionally the addition of Frank's was too much, but when it was on par, it was fabulous. The three cheese perspective for a nacho dish is a pleasant sight to a relatively simple entree. Aside from some soggy chips, the added crunch of the chips complemented the softness of the chicken and rice. Great dynamic, and once again, great dish!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Classico Panini

-Ciabatta Bread
-Medium Onion
-Ovengold Turkey
-American Cheese (4-6 slices)
-Dry Sausage 
-Delicatessen-style Mustard 
-Olive oil (Possibly 4-5 tablespoons
-Garlic Powder (1 tablespoon)
-Rosemary Seasoning (1 tablespoon)
-Salt (1 tablespoon)
-Ground Black Pepper (1 tablespoon)
-Lemon juice. (Possibly 1/2 teaspoon)

How'd He Do It?:
Take two slices of ciabatta bread and spread out on counter.
Place some Ovengold turkey on one side. He double layered his panini.
(He's always got a beer in his hand)
Add the onions ontop of the Ovengold turkey.
Add the dry sausage for the next layer.
Add the American Cheese. He likes to double this part too.
Add the pickles. He used four.
Add the mustard to the other Ciabatta slice.
Add the Mayo to the Ciabatta slice.
This is crucial! Carefully place the Ciabatta slice to the Panini. Don't want the layers to shift.
(Drink Break)
Mix olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, and a hint of lemon. Let's call this Special Blend. 
(This took forever to figure out)
Use a special Panini brush to lather the Special Blend onto  Panini's exterior. 
(Caution: Make sure to put the Special Blend on the bottom side of
 the Panini so the Cheese can melt onto the other layers.)
Place Panini on the Panini Grill.
(Make sure to not shift the layers!)
Apply the rest of the Special Blend on top of the Panini.
Close the Panini Maker and wait 5 minutes. He likes to make sure everything is lined up.

My Verdict:
After warming it up, The Classico Panini brought out a contrasting taste with every bite. The spiciness of the dry sausage, complemented with the delicatessen-style mustard, was a pleasant blend compared to the tanginess of the mayonnaise. My tastes buds went crazy, and with every crunch of that delicious bread, I could taste the complexity. A simple meal with much to offer.