Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's that Panini?: Grilled Royale

Roast Beef Slices
1/2 Onion
2 slices of bacon
Provolone Cheese
Gruyere Cheese
Honey Mustard

How'd He Do It?

Heat Skillet to Medium 
Cook Bacon on skillet.

Layer the Panini by starting with the roast beef.
Add the onions. (Caramelized optional) 
Add the Honey Mustard

 Add the Provolone Cheese

 It's amazing the amount of liquor he owns.

 Add the Gruyere Cheese.

 Add the Bacon.

 Add the olive oil to both sides of the Panini.
Grill and Enjoy.

I deeply regret not having the photos of his Panini, nor did he leave any of the Grilled Royale for me to try. It seems this is an elusive dish that I will not be able to try unless I do it myself. After looking at the footage, I believe this one must be attempted. If I could imagine this dish, I picture a very sweet and tasty core; a definite must to be made. If any of you guys try this recipe, tell me how it was. It seems my work schedule is preventing me to enjoy these rare treats.

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  1. Clever blog idea. This would be more appetizing if I wasn't a vegetarian haha. Love the pictures that you include in the posts.