Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eggie Burger

Walking back to the apartment, I noticed my roommate's grill, charcoal to the side. It's been cold lately, but today was sunnier. My roommate, carrying a silver platter of angus beef patties, walks to the grill. Heroically, he opens the grill and pours kerosene into it, causing a burst of flame to eclipse him. It was these images, and his invitation to watch him grill, that convinced me to blog this. I apologize for the blurriness.

3 lb. Angus ground beef
Barbecue Sauce (He used half a bottle)
1 egg


How'd He Grill It?
So, I don't have photos of him preparing the meat. He did it all outside, before I was home.
But, after hearing him describe his creation, (and looking through the trash) I compiled 
the best knowledge of it.

Combine 1 egg, barbecue sauce, and angus beef. Mix well and create patties.
(Looked to be the size of my fist)
Throw the patties on the grill.

The Grand Chef has an audience.
Flip the burgers occasionally. 
If meat is thick, it takes longer to cook.
Grill the buns.

Not a bad set-up. He had everything prepared and also a beer in his hand.


The Eggie Burger was delicious! Wow, I'm usually weary of burgers due to the occasional overload of preservative and their aftertaste of plastic, but this burger had so much flavor. The egg gave the beef a buttery taste, complimented by the sweetness of the barbecue sauce. My roommate, the noble Guardian of the Grill, amazes me once again. 

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